Clutterfly Tips & Ideas

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All Goodwill stores accept cardboard, aluminum, glass, paper and plastic.
Goodwill stores accept everything except: televisions, computer equipment, fitness equipment.

Habitat Stores accept: furniture, building materials (new & used), household products—they do not accept clothing or shoes.

Check with local churches—most take clothing and shoe donations.

Don’t be afraid to rearrange or even take shelves out of a closet. Less shelving may actually provide better storage organization for your needs.

Turn all the hangers in your closet backwards. Whenever you wear something, replace the hanger the right way. In a year, give away every piece of clothing still hanging on a backwards hanger.

Don’t get rid of something just to get rid of it! Think about how you could repurpose it to fit your needs.
For example: A baby changing table makes an excellent luggage rack to organize luggage!