Estate Sales & Estate Management

Clutterfly & Company is not just about pricing and selling an item.  We are about creating a relationship with the estate family and providing a sale atmosphere that is respectful of the family.

Estate Sales 

Estate sales are on on-site sales where every item is displayed and tagged for sale.  Every estate sale is unique, and we work with each family to make their sale successful.

Selling an estate can be a difficult and emotional time for the family.  Clutterfly & Company staff work with the family to make this experience as smooth and pleasant as possible.  We will provide our best advice to you in whatever estate sale situation you may be faced with.


Research & Valuation

Clutterfly & Company will determine prices through our experience and local and online research.  We emphasize liquidation, but ensure that all items are priced appropriately based on condition, demand and rarity.


Staging is the art of displaying sale items in an attractive manner and we are experts in this art.  A well staged sale provides a more organized, user friendly experience for buyers and a more successful sale for the family.


Advertising and promotion of the sale includes newspaper ads, website postings with photos, Instagram and Facebook.  On the night before the sale, real estate signs are placed at high traffic areas to direct potential customers to the sale.

During a Sale

Once the sale starts, our staff is on hand to answer customer’s questions, bring items to checkout and move furniture.  Clutterfly & Company is a full service company with the goal of selling as many estate items as possible.  In addition, we specialize in completely emptying the home after the sale if needed.